Various Hair removal Techniques

The process of removing hairs from different regions of our body can be termed as Hair removal technique. Generally, the males have thicker hair than females. No one loves the excessive growth of unwanted hairs on their bodies. Therefore they need to remove these unwanted hairs from their body. There are various hair removal techniques for both men and women separately. The hair removal is a scientific process which includes two types of removal methods:- Laser Hair Removal Bellevue

  • Depilation – In this method, a part of the hair is removed from the main hair, over the surface of the skin. The hair doesn’t get removed totally; a part of the hair is still there on the skin.
  • Epilation – In this method, the hair is removed from its root level. This is a perfect cleaning method of hairs.

Generally, no one removes their hair by themselves. Only a few people do. Everyone prefers to go the parlors or salons. Here the employees are well experienced.  They know how to remove the hairs from different places. Males remove hairs from their armpits, face, chest and from other pubic regions. The females remove hair from their armpits and pubic regions. There are various techniques upon which this hair removal process works smoothly:-

  • Shaving or trimming – In this process, the unwanted hairs are removed from the skin in a partial manner with the help of a machine or sometimes manually with blades.
  • Tweezing – Here the hairs are tweezed or pulled out with great force with the help of tweezers.
  • Waxing – A hot layer of wax is applied to the skin and is kept for some time. Then these waxes are removed with the help of porous strips. The unwanted hairs come along with the strip, making the skin hairless. This method can be considered as a painful method, but this is one of the effective methods of hair removal.
  • Sugaring – A sticky paste is applied to the skin, where you want the removal of the hairs. And then peeled off with a porous strip.
  • Threading – This is a very common method used by females to remove hairs. Here a thread is twisted to catch the hairs.

All the above methods are temporary hair removal methods. You will start growing hairs after some certain days. There are also methods, which will permanently remove your hairs:-

  • Laser hair removal – This is a medically based technology used by certain experienced professionals with an appropriate license. Here a beam of laser will be applied to your skin in order to remove the hairs.
  • Intense pulsed light – This is a permanent hair removal method, where an intensified light is used to remove the hairs from the skin.


The hair removal process can help you in changing your identity in some cases. You need to take care of your skin when you are involving yourself in a hair removal process, because it may damage your skin. And it is strongly recommended to take help of professional employees, instead of doing it on your own.